The cost of war

Here's an article by on the cost of war. It tells us how many civilians might have been killed by coalition fire. It estimates 6.500-10.000 civilian deaths, and about 70.000 ISIS fighters killed, by the Coalition in the four years they are taking part in the War against ISIS. This on top the horrors… Continue reading The cost of war


Freedom is inside you

Freedom is inside you. It is something I could say. The same as faith is inside you. By that I mean that what I am going through, what you are doing to me, my freedom, my faith will survive. The circumstances you can decide, but not how I think, believe, feel and trust from within.… Continue reading Freedom is inside you

Travelogue 18 The journey home

After more than three months in Turkey, after countless kilometers I drove through the beautiful area with my car, after wonder, loneliness, silence and prayer, it is time to go home. I am empty. The last month I even saved on my drinking water to save enough money for the journey home. I am skinny,… Continue reading Travelogue 18 The journey home

Travelogue 17 Kilis and goodbye to Hassa and Hatay

On one of my last trips I travel again to the Hatay province. After everything I've seen in Turkey, this is what appeals to me the most. Although it is now later in the year, the weather remains delicious. Only in December will the real cold break and will the first snow fall. But that… Continue reading Travelogue 17 Kilis and goodbye to Hassa and Hatay

Travelogue 16 High plains and refugee camps

The furthest journey I make is to the East, to Viransehir. Via Sanliurfa, where I briefly get out and enjoy the gardens, the large cemetery and a park visit, buy liquid for my contact lenses in the large shopping mall and enjoy the delicious pastries and breads that are displayed at the shops. Here I… Continue reading Travelogue 16 High plains and refugee camps


One of the words I know in several languages ​​is cockroaches. Hamamböceği in Turkish and الصراصير in Arabic. Now that I check Google translate, I realize that I do not pronounce them the right way. They are everywhere. Hundreds in my little apartment. What a horror. The feeling when you wake up and they almost sit on… Continue reading Cockroaches

Travelogue 13 My own place .. Taman Tamar!

Early in the morning I leave the hotel in good spirits to look for my own place. Everywhere there are plates of emlak, kiralik daire and satilik. Real estate, for rent and for sale. I am looking for a quiet neighborhood and everywhere I walk I see beautiful apartment buildings, large with a central entrance,… Continue reading Travelogue 13 My own place .. Taman Tamar!